Hajjee Protect


Hajjee Protect: a complete package and payment protection feature.

  • Hajjee Protect is package and payment protection feature on Hajjee.com, ensures key package elements like flights, accommodation, and visas are secured.
  • It covers and secure your trip that includes visa, air tickets, food and accomodation if your Travel Agent/Travel Company abondons you or engages with fraudulent activity.
  • It acts like your package insurance providing a stress free trip.
  • Why Hajjee Protect?

    Lots of frauds are happening in name of the prestigious piligrimage Hajj and umrah with advance money and original passports by fraud "Tour Operators".

    we realized this major issue and made a arrangement between the reputed travel agents and digital escrow service provider 'castler.com', and created package and payment protection feature Hajjee Protect, which provides financial protection and secure your trip if your Travel Agent/Travel Company abondons you or engages with fraudulent activity.

    In the context of Hajjee.com, we utilize an escrow account provided by a RBI licensed bank through "castler". When you book with Hajjee Protect, your payment is transferred to this dedicated escrow account, we ensure that your funds are securely held and only be released to the agent when necessary arrangements,such as visa confirmation and air tickets, are confirmed. This mechanism promotes transparency,accountability and financial security throughout the booking process.

    An escrow account is a secure financial arrangement designed to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers during a transaction. It acts as a neutral third-party that holds funds until the agreed-upon conditions are met.

    Comprehensive Coverage: What's included in Hajjee Protect?

    "Hajjee Protect" covers your visa, flight tickets, food and accomodation.

    If your Travel Agent/Travel Company abondons you or engages with fraudulent activity, dont worry when you have booked through "Hajjeee Protect". We will help you continue your trip by providing financial assistance to rearrange essential elements like:

    • Visa- Assisting and arranging you with Visa, if visa is not done by your travel agent.
    • Air Tickets-Arranging air tickets for the same travel date booked or +/- 1/2 days depending on the availability, if the air tickets are not confirmed/booked by your travel agent.
    • Food Accomodation-Arranging Food and accommodation similar to the package booked, if your travel agent has not done.
    • Reimbursing your money- if you do not want to continue your trip.

    In the event that the package is not successfully completed, the funds will be released to the appropriate party based on the cancellation and refund policies.

    How does it Work:

    • Select the Package.
    • Book with "Hajjee Protect".
    • Submit Details.
    • Get Confirmation from the Agent/Agency.
    • "Hajjee.com" creates Digital Escrow Account (with RBI Licenced Bank) through 'Castler'.
    • Transfer Funds to your Digital Escrow Account.
    • Upload your passport copy.
    • Get Visa and Air Ticket.
    • Travel as planned, if not money is returned back to the traveller.
    • Get Real-Time sms and mail Notification of the Fund flow.
    • Transaction Complete.

    Benefits of using "Hajjee Protect":

      Increased Security:

    • With Hajjee Protect, customers payments are held in a secure dedicated escrow account until their package is confirmed and certain conditions are met, giving them complete peace of mind. If for any reason their package is not confirmed or completed, their payment is returned to them as per the cancellation and refund policies. This ensures that customers' payments are always safe and secure.
    • Protection from fraud:

    • 'Hajjee Protect' protects customers from fraudulent travel agents who may not deliver on their promises. With 'Hajjee Protect', customers can rest assured that their payments are protected until their package is confirmed.
    • Dispute Resolution:

    • In the event of any disputes between the customer and the travel agent, 'Hajjee Protect' can act as a mediator and help to resolve the issue quickly and fairly

    Overall, 'Hajjee Protect' provide customers with a secure and stress-free way to book their hajj or umrah packages. By using the platform, customers can rest assured that their payments are always safe and secure, while also enjoying a wide range of options and top-notch customer service

    Disclaimer/ Liabilities :

    'Hajjee Protect' is a payment and package protection feature. Nowhere hajjee consultancy services is involved or undertake any liabilities in standard of services offered through entire umrah services by agencies. Using platform Hajjee.com and contacting the agents and any payments done to them directly are not liable and accountable to hajjee consultancy services/ Hajjee.com.

    Note: please know all the terms, conditions and procedures before using any services on the platform.